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Why Christianity Is a Serious Matter

For people who call themselves Christians, they know that they are not like everyone else. They have the name of Christ in them, and do have the responsibility to live daily life like him. Some, on the other hand, could not spend a little time pondering about their Christian life. They just live day to day like what life brings to them, having no distinction, and forgetting about the teachings of the Bible. Well, Christianity is a serious matter, regardless of whether everyone agrees to this or not.

Reasons Why Christianity Is a Serious Matter

1. Not a hobby but a life.

Life is definitely full of choices. More often than not, we choose the things that make us happy or those that give us “fun.” To some extent, people think that Christianity or perhaps living like a Christian might also be a hobby that one does every now and then for the sake of fun or pleasure. But, there is no way that Christianity can be a hobby – it is a life. One becomes a Christian at the instance that he believed on Jesus Christ as his Savior. This is the point in time where one realizes he is a sinner, needs to be saved, and needs a savior in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Once you become a Christian, you might be able to commit in your body bad acts but you can never take away from you the biblical responsibility of living like Christ because you are (already) a Christian.

2. Not a fate but a choice.

Choices are real-life proofs of God giving the human beings the free will. When you go to the mall, you exercise your freedom to choose the jacket you want or the snack that you want. You have to choose to be a Christian, otherwise you won’t be. You cannot consume all your entire life waiting to be a Christian because the Bible is asking you to be right at this moment (today and now). Jesus Christ himself chooses to go down to earth from heaven and die in the cruel cross in order to pay the price of the sins of the whole world, even though he knows how brutal it can be. You choose to be a Christian and no one can do it for you. This is one of the reasons you ought to take your Christianity seriously.

3. Not confusion but an assurance.

The Bible is the only book that serves as basis for all the teachings of Christianity. If you know of Christian books written by Christian authors, then that is good. These books are good inspiration, motivation, and reference. But for these books to be reliable, they have to be based from the Bible and not from the opinion of their authors. With the Bible giving the guidance, there is no way you can get confused about life or even about Christianity. Confusion visits a person sometimes with no warning. But confusion is of the devil. What God has for all is a light to everyone’s path. What God has for us is assurance.

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