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Partyserver is THE BEST SA-MP Team Deathmatch server! Partyserver is historically famous SA-MP server that exists since beginning of SA-MP itself. Here are some things that Partyserver offers to you and reasons why should you play here:

We have updated server to NEW sa-mp version 0.3x, please download sa-mp 0.3x

  • One of THE BEST anti-cheat and anti-evade systems you can find on a sa-mp server, ensuring that you will encounter very few cheaters.
  • Unique Ammu-Nation with additional items such as skins, hats and regular free special items and much faster simplified menu.
  • Fair and non-abusive admin team made of game veterans, there are admins online most of the time.
  • Online public detailed player statistics
  • Proper ingame control panel (press the N key) aand /HELP browser which explains how to play the game and reveals some secrets about partyserver.
  • Fair turf wars system, which allows even smaller team to work balanced in wars against other gangs with positive rewards for starting, fighting and winning the wars.
  • Two kind of duel arenas, allowing you to restore your honour and solve your arguments with the opponent the gentleman's way.
  • Paused player removal system, Ping kicker, Automatic desync detection & reconnection and low-fps lists of players. This helps us ensure, that there are no desynced players and that playing experience is most glitch-free.
  • Advanced weapon pickups system, players drop weapons on death, you can drop unwanted weapons with /d.
  • Free goodie weapons: health and armor can drop on mini parachutes from sky during turf wars and other special random occasions.
  • Special team abilities: mines, speedbumps, tire spikes, extra money, jetpacks, extra survivability options and more!
  • No limit on game weather, you can set any weather for yourself locally.
  • Custom streaming radio stations
  • Regular updates with new fun stuff.

Server Statistics

Who is online (19 Players):
ID Nickname Kills Deaths
13 svenci123
14 trevmorr
16 Yo_Hristov
10 Pr0phecy 12770 4193
12 XUPA_BOSTAO 4838 4222
2 Wxlfie. 5 23
9 Forever21 310 454
17 [iL]Gurami 1507 2039
19 Assasin_ 558 1230
8 Saloun 5261 11114
11 Yeahman 6968 6062
7 Jovan_Masterr
1 Uros_Matic
3 Cesar_Flores 64 116
52 RedShirt 6768 8440
4 BLack.GaLLeon 8117 8449
18 Bohdan_Boss
5 Jakob_Zuma 14683 13201